About the APPG

Trafficked Britons in Syria

Today around 20 British families remain detained in North East Syria (NES). Investigations by the NGO Reprieve suggest that the majority of British women currently detained are victims of trafficking, based on evidence that these women were all subjected to sexual and other forms of exploitation, and were either transported to Syria as children; coerced into travelling to Syria; or kept and moved within Syria against their will. Some of these women were as young as 12 when they were trafficked.

Despite the UK’s legal commitments and its reputation as a leader in the struggle against human trafficking, many of these trafficked women and children are now detained in NES detention camps, which have been described by the UN as ‘deplorable and inhumane’ and by UK courts as constituting cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.


The All Party Parliamentary Group

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Trafficked Britons in Syria is a cross-party grouping of MPs and peers seeking a just resolution to the cases of people from the UK who were trafficked by ISIS, and to secure the repatriation of the small number of Britons still detained in North East Syria (NES). It was established by the Right Honourable Andrew Mitchell MP, Lyn Brown MP, and Lord Jay of Ewelme in April 2021.

Its objectives are to:

·         Ensure the UK Government fulfils its obligation to identify British nationals trafficked by ISIS;

·         Prevent trafficking victims detained in NES from being subjected to torture and the death penalty;

·         Secure the repatriation of trafficked Britons from NES, so their cases can be addressed in the UK;

·         Investigate ISIS trafficking operations so the UK may prevent future trafficking by terror groups;

·         Learn lessons from public authorities’ failure to identify and protect victims of ISIS trafficking;

·         Promote more effective policy responses to trafficking by terrorist groups.

The APPG is run by Members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. It receives no money from any government. Secretariat functions are provided by the NGO Reprieve.

Chair: Alistair Carmichael MP

Co-Chair: Lord Jay of Ewelme

Vice-Chair: Apsana Begum MP

Vice-Chair: The Rt Hon David Davis MP


The Lord Alton of Liverpool

Andy Slaughter MP

The Lord Cashman CBE

The Rt Hon Lord Dholakia

The Lord Dubs

The Rt Hon Emily Thornberry MP

Fabian Hamilton MP

The Baroness Hamwee

Jeff Smith MP

Jess Phillips MP

Baroness Jones of Whitchurch

Kim Leadbeater MP

Layla Moran MP

Lyn Brown MP

Lord Macdonald of River Glaven

Stuart C McDonald MP

The Rt Hon Tobias Ellwood MP

The Rt Hon the Baroness Warsi

The Lord Wood of Anfield

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